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"Amber is fast, efficient, and an expert in her field. A tech guru and specialist in social media and digital marketing. I would highly recommend Amber as your Marketing Strategist Business Partner!" - Benice Ruiters.

"If I could give Amber 10 stars I honestly would. She has grown exposure of my business and practice tremendously, and I think it's largely because she takes the time to understand and get to know her client- the person they are, their business goals and aspirations. She's professional, easy to chat to, accessible and literally will be your biggest cheerleader. She tolerates my spontaneous suggestions in the wee hours of the morning and is always on hand to manage situations in flux. She is confident in what she does and therefore instills confidence in you, that she knows exactly how to manage your business. Looking forward to the rest of our journey together with her expanding team!"  - Matheena Mathir

"Amber is highly knowledgeable and passionate about marketing, business and assisting other female entrepreneurs. I have had the pleasure of attending some of her networking events in the past, where Amber has eagerly shared her marketing expertise with local business owners. I would definitely recommend seeking out her services to grow your own business or gain advice and some of the tools you need to take your brand to the next level." - Tamsyn Cornelius

"Amber is not only easy to relate with but is knowledgeable, goes the extra mile, is affordable and puts you at ease. Anyone who has worked with her would know what a pleasure it is, and how their business has been elevated." - A. Brigg

"Amber is an expert in her field and always has a fresh perspective when it comes to helping me with my business. From digital marketing to client liaison, Amber is always ready and able to assist. She is an incredible mentor and offers valuable, actionable advice. I would highly recommend her to anyone that is looking to grow their business online." - Sandy Norman

"Amber is amazing. She goes out her way to help her clients. She has help me grow my Facebook page and how to interact with my clients. I found my niche by following her advise. I highly recommend her services." - Annalisa Berry

"I attended a Social Media workshop that Amber hosted and get so, so much information out of it. She is a really great teacher. Very knowledgeable and easy to understand. I highly recommend you use her." - Lindsay Carstens

"Amber really provides some really great support for starting up a business and setting up a Digital Marketing Presence. I find myself regularly looking out for her articles and webinars where she offers some really great training and updates on new products and tools that make life much easier for Small Business Owners. Her passion for what she does is great! Would recommend her and do when it comes to assistance in brand building online." - Pascha JvRensburg

"I met Amber when she hosted a networking event - the 1st event that we as a company attended. I was really blown away by her passion for digital marketing and her wealth of knowledge across all digital marketing platforms. As a company we have enjoyed the value that her company provides freely to assist small businesses. She loves to share her knowledge with everyone. Thank you Amber, you have helped Digi-guru more than you will know. Highly recommend Amber for any digital marketing training to grow your business. " - Millicent Quoilin 

"Amber has managed my social media presence for three years now and I love working with her. She is a real social-media expert with thorough understanding of Facebook and Instagram. She is also highly creative, understands the audience and always goes out of her way to help and support the business while aiming to uptrain her clients. She is an absolute star and I can only highly recommend her." - Erla Rapsch

"I can highly recommend Amber. She is extremely knowledgeable, professional, and precise. Amber goes above and beyond for her clients. I look forward to working with her as much as possible in the future. She is a phenomenal teacher in her field." -Colleen Hawkins

"If you need social media explained to you in layman's terms, Amber is the person to speak to. I truly enjoyed her training sessions. She shows how everything works and takes you through as much detail as you need. You walk out with so much clarity of how you can use a social media channel to your business's advantage." - Thalana Bradley

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