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Discovering Clients on Social Media: Strategies for Success

As a freelancer or business owner, finding clients, staying booked, and ensuring financial stability are crucial to your success. Social media marketing has emerged as a formidable tool to help you achieve these goals. If you're ready to tap into the vast potential of social media and seize the opportunities waiting for you in 2023, this guide is for you!


  1. Utilise advanced search features to find potential clients in need of your services.

  2. Engage with at least three new potential clients and three competitors each week, building relationships and fostering connections.

  3. Participate in Twitter Spaces to network with others in your niche, showcase your expertise, and create valuable relationships.

  4. Use Twitter to maintain connections with past clients, regularly sharing their content and supporting their endeavours.

  5. Always respond to and interact with followers who engage with your content or ask questions.


  1. Join targeted Facebook groups where potential clients congregate, focusing on quality over quantity to establish yourself as an expert.

  2. Engage with competitors in Facebook groups, fostering relationships for potential referrals and support.

  3. Share your knowledge and provide free advice within Facebook groups to establish credibility and showcase your expertise.

  4. Offer personalised assistance by messaging or video calling individuals who may benefit from your help.

  5. Create and manage your own Facebook group to attract potential clients and customers.

  6. Consider running targeted Facebook ad campaigns to promote your services and their benefits.

  7. Collaborate with peers to host Facebook group events or challenges to grow your audience and demonstrate your expertise.


  1. Join and contribute to group boards, ensuring your pins link to informative blog posts and your services page.

  2. Focus on growing your following for increased visibility and potential client reach.

  3. Clearly communicate your niche and target audience in your Pinterest bio, linking directly to your services page.

  4. Experiment with promoted pins to boost visibility and drive more traffic to your website.

  5. Design eye-catching, branded pins to encourage clicks and engagement.

Live Video Streaming (e.g., Instagram Live, YouTube Live, or TikTok Live)

  1. Host live video sessions with clients to showcase case studies and demonstrate your value.

  2. Conduct Q&A live streams to address audience questions and alleviate concerns before they hire you.

  3. Share trackable URLs in your live broadcasts to monitor website traffic and gauge effectiveness.

  4. Establish a consistent streaming schedule to build your reputation as an expert in your niche.

  5. Address common client questions and struggles in your live streams to demonstrate understanding and empathy.

  6. Request video testimonials from satisfied clients and feature them in your live streams, walking viewers through the work you completed.

  7. Offer time-sensitive discounts or bonuses for viewers who book your services during a live stream.

Although this is an extensive list of strategies, it only scratches the surface of how you can leverage social media to promote your services in 2023. To explore these methods further, consider booking a one-on-one Social Media Training Session with us.

I've built my entire business using social media, and I want to share my strategies and successes with other freelancers. Let's empower new freelancers to launch their businesses with confidence and provide those experiencing slow periods with the tools to bounce back. It's time to stop 'winging it' and invest in effective marketing strategies that yield tangible results.


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